Unti555tled.mxd #147

12:18p my treadmill is overheating. i didn’t get a manual with it, but it’s probably the carpet rubbing on the belt. i’ll fix that tonight.

my boyfriend lost some of his keys (!!!!!!!) night before last and i had to blow my free time last night changing the locks on the door. this isn’t cool. i am really mad at him and i don’t know how to deal with it.

1:18p the only text messages i get nowadays are from chase when i use my credit card and the only social media replies i get are full of shit. my boyfriend barely talkes to me. my friends are MIA. i am pretty lonely. but i did get a video thank you from scooter for becoming a sleep with me patron.

3:59p the lady in the bullpen is complaining loudly about her staff cleaning out the refrigerators and not being at their desks.

her staff made the mess in the refrigerators.

her staff is why i bought an expensive lunchbox that will keep my shit cold enough to not make me sick all day and keep my lunch at my desk.

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