Unti555tled.mxd #148

8:13a my treadmill now works as directed. i’ve shimmed it up off the carpet so it can run without overheating. pretty sweet.

i’ve been marathoning steal the stars. i was initially turned off because it’s a love story, but it’s some solid science fiction. the acting is phenomenal.

8:45a i am conflicted about the fact i just opened the audible app to search for the “steal the stars” novelization when i’m listening to the podcast that inspired the novel

8:46a DUH OF COURSE THERE’S AN AUDIOBOOK. it looks like it’s the podcast + extras. i might get it just to listen to the story without ads.

10:14a ok steal the stars is breaking my heart rn

12:03p post steal the stars recap

if i come across another love story like this i’m down. please make sure the mix is 90% sci-fi/action/solid story and 10% romance

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