Unti555tled.mxd #151

8:20a i can’t remember if i locked the door when i left this morning

i hate everything right now

8:58a welcome to nightvale never ceases to move me. like literally move me somewhere else for a time and leave me slightly changed. i think they’ve done story episodes like this before, but this one was so well written, and cecil’s narration is an expert mixture of emotion and drone that i wasn’t even really aware that i was working. just following the boy on his journey to know everything.

welp back to improv comedy now what the fuck am i doing with my life


11:26a okay, starting my hftmt relisten.

“the very future of our realm depends on the outcome of my quest, but let’s talk to *chunt.*”

11:30a “i don’t know how you could physically finger a spider?”

chunt has some self esteem issues early on. like he does not seem to be cool with being a badger, he can’t attract any more poon becuase he’s a badger.

11:34a i kind of miss usidore’s frantic whispering. that was a nice asmr perk

11:51a oh holy shit the cockticklers, i’d forgotten about them. a series of bats is absolutely fabulous.

12:11p is it nostalgic to think of a time when i recall reading the magic tavern subreddit and being generally happy with the internet? it feels like a lifetime ago. fuck. shit has changed over the past few years and idk if it’s just me getting old or the world’s genuninely changing for the worse.

12:17p “it’s not beastiality if you’re a beast when you’re doing it”

“it’s just ality”

episode 3, the introduction of the BEST character on hftmt. flower. i love her.


1:30p lol matt young tripped over his intro but that’s cool, it’s like episode 5

we’re currently in vwishtash in texas. it sucks, as always. every year.

3:07p if i could make a ring tone out of adal yelling “wizard fight” i would. episode 6, 08:39-08:50

or matt’s anguished “i’m caught in my robe” – 09:32-9:38


3:20p this is also where the “arnie ignores chunt stand up night” bit started. god that one episode, like 50 episodes in the future, made me tear up a little

3:29p “count dooku” – that fucking laughter is infectious

“borg queen” – i laughed too fucking hard at that, meaning i almost laughed out loud

3:34p jesus my eczema is destroying me right now. it’s healing, but cheeeesssuuuuuuuuuusssss the cracks are painful

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