Unti555tled.mxd #152

7:05a would chunt suffer from body dismorphia?

8:19a episode 16, omg usidore said the dark lord’s name.

9:12a k i got to the blemish episode. i know this is an improv show, but jesus the setup for blemish is amazing. i love blemish. he’s so so so evil and it’s so stark and bold and just THERE and EVERYONE ELSE IS OBLIVIOUS and it’s perfect

9:19a “he’s a real slapnuts” more like slapping some bags of flour, hyuck hyuck hyuck

10:02a oh hey, the birth of carnival wilson. episode 19

3:02p lol, omg. sleep with me podcast reference in episode 20? usidore mentions the sweet dulcet tones of tomblain bellaroth. dearest scooter says that in like every episode of sleep with me i’ve heard. but dulcet is obviously not scoot’s own personal word, soooooo maybe just coincidence.

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