Unti555tled.mxd #153

8:58a i’m not doing a great job of keeping notes on my relisten but meh, whatever. life is happening at the same time and i’m not always able to type out my thoughts. i try to get what i can remember.

but i swear to god i’m the only fucking adult in this office. we had a training meeting yesterday and i’m the only one with complete notes. my boss is out having surgery today and he made some little “well i want to train yall just in case something happens to me” comment to all of us. what the fuck yall. that probably means he’s concerned he might die. i mean, that’s a normal fear going into surgery right? jesus christ yall

1:52p i had a bunch of podcasts drop today so i’ve been listening to those instead of hftmt. i did have a dumb moment though. one of the hosts on friendly fire described someone as neopolitan, and one of the other hosts says “so like, chocolate pants, vanilla shirt, and strawberry jacket?” i laughed and felt stupid almost immediately because i knew that fucking word meant something else, like not ice cream. it’s a citizen of naples. duh.

2:06p i switched back over to using a backpack instead of a shoulder sling bag. messenger bag. whatever. my back was starting to hurt again. i can’t handle that and my flared up feet at the same time anymore. fuck that. i just don’t want to be in pain anymore.

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