Unti555tled.mxd #155

10:50a i got my truck back no problem. i’m assuming that it got fixed. it’s not like they charged me.

note to self: do not take allegra again if you have stuff to do. it might say non-drowsy but it’s not.

3:28P jesus christ today has been awful. fuck allegra. i’m so done with that garbage, never taking it again

i am so tired

in other news, the hollywood handbook guy and jjgo is just a fucked show because it’s literally everywhere all at once but it’s 100% funny

4:30p i’m finally waking up a little bit. this sucks. i’m thinking about my temperature shawl while i’m waiting on the parcel fabric job i have going to finish. i think i’m going to do a shetland lace pattern i saw a knit stitch website for the month of april. it’s really pretty and i think i can make it work with the increases. i just have to sit down and sketch it out in excel or something to make sure it will work. i have zero desire to tink back with that piece, and tbh it might be impossible since i have to break the yarn at the end of the row.

or i might just do a moss stitch, i haven’t figured it out yet. i just know that i want to do something different for the next 3 months on that shawl, since the first 3 have been plain stockinette.

4:35p yeah. i think i’m going to do a moss stitch for the temperature shawl and i’m going to rip out the asymmetrical shawl i have working rn and do the lace pattern on a triangle shawl with that yarn instead of the asymmetrical pattern.

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