Unti555tled.mxd #156

11:16a this preworkout powder i got is helpful. i feel pretty good after like a 3 “serving” scoop. not tired.

i think i’m just going to keep up with the stockinette on my temperature shawl. changing the pattern would make it way too busy, since it’s busy as-is. not sure what i’m going to do with my other project that i frogged. i did cast on a basic beanie tho, since i don’t have a basic beanie that i like in plain black (all of them have logos).

my fabric for my faire dress should be in tonight. i can’t wait to get that going and have a proper dress, or at least one that’s closer to period than not. last year’s was something i pieced together for dickens on the strand a few years ago and didn’t end up going.

4:15p i broke down and got a knit stitch book. it’s better than relying on free websites because i know they’re tested and they *work*. i tried a couple from the free stitch website i found and nothing i tried for a lace pattern worked. it wasn’t expensive and it’s a kindle book so it’s not taking up space.

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