Unti555tled.mxd #157

11:09a made an appointment for my brakes and an alignment. gonna get new tires this weekend. fun times. i hate doing this but i need to be a fucking adult and take care of my vehicle.

i just have to get over the fear of something going wrong. everything will be fine.

12:01p “we’re just demoing a house, we don’t need to know where the easements are”

i sure as shit hope you called the fucking gas company before you start

2:54p i mean, the mysterious man is right. people who love podcasts are usually *super* social. (that was episode 53 btw)

3:06p yay, episode 54 is proto hey riddle riddle!

3:55p the wifi in this episode is fantastic

4:16p ohhh 55 has some quality asmr stuff, but if i recall correctly that ends fast

4:20: oh yeah, metanoid is kind of hard on the ears

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