Unti555tled.mxd #159

8:14a i hope my boss is okay. he took off midway thursday last week and he’s still not back.

8:16a i’m happy this week’s mbmbam is early. griffin bought a fanny pack, lol

also tevas are great, fuck you griffin. you can wear them without socks.

8:22a total eclipse of the fart

that’s pretty great

8:25a the boys have to know tax records are a thing and not knowing how to find out where someone lives is just a goof

9:10a holy shit this is pretty good show right now. #422 it’s pretty close to peak brothers

9:15a aside from being worried about my boss, today has been pretty solid. hftmt was solid, greatest gen was solid, mbmbam was solid.

10:38a k so my boss had emergency surgery over the weekend. that’s not cool. at least he was well enough to text us.

2:50p this week’s creepy is really pretty great. the wilderness this week was also killer. jesus today’s been a good podcast day. it makes up for eating pb&j for breakfast and rice with frozen vegetables for lunch.

i’m getting mind numbingly tired at the same time every day. this sucks ass. i really just want to crawl into bed and sleep until tomorrow morning.

3:19p trying clicklist out again this evening. i don’t like that there’s an extra service fee, but i get it. clicklist itself was free last year.

3:54p i spent most of yesterday working on my temperature shawl. i’m halfway done with april and that makes me super happy.

4:23p i think i’m going to start a ruana vest/wrap soon. maybe after i finish the vest i started with blanket yarn last week. i’ll need to work a swatch and write out a preliminary pattern for it.

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