Unti555tled.mxd #160

7:54a hftmt #76 has usidore’s name in spanish!

8:49a #77 has usidore’s name in german, that’s a funny bit about how many germans recorded themselves saying usidore’s full name

jesus christ im so tired. like fukc why didn’t i just not come in today? i’m an adult and i have to be one that’s why ugh

9:36a #78 has usidore’s name in french, i think? sounds like french.

quebec french. ahhhh okay

holy shit i do not remember these like 3 minute long ads at the end of every episode from the last time i relistened. idk though.

9:42a i am not yet tired of hearing usidore’s name and this is my third relisten. jfc

what. is. wrong. with. me.

9:47a #79 – dude i work in an office of something similar to foonian real estate agents.

10:13a #79 is that pittsburg usidore? yep

2:48p how the fuck do balance my life, this sucks. i want to be at home working on my projects, but i can’t even fucking have projects or a house unless i have a job and this one is the best one i’ve ever had. i just fucking don’t want to be here right now. no one else is here. i’m fucking alone and i’ve had to redraw this same neighborhood twice now because arcmap is taking a dump on my soul


i’m also trying to stop eating candy and shit. i’m getting better. the clicklist pick up helps. i don’t pick up something from the impulse lane. no more snacking. if i’m knitting and watching tv, i’m not snacking. i have a harder time at work, so i have that endless fucking supply of in-shell sunflower seeds so i have to work for that little fucking thing

what the fuck is wrong with me

3:42p k i need to do something to lower my blood pressure

i really do

because it’s peak hurricane season and it’s been quiet until just literally now and there’s something happening soon. the models are pointing to a big maybe and that is fucking destroying me inside. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

noaa please keep your crayons in the box i don’t need this right now. i just want to worry about personal shit not this shit too

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