Unti555tled.mxd #164

11:13a if a customer provides the wrong account number, it’s on you to make sure they know they sent the wrong one. it doesn’t matter if their last names are the same, if their first names are different *you* *need* *to* *make* *sure* *you* *have* *the* *correct* *information* before proceeding. sometimes i swear these people are just fucking stupid

anyway labor day weekend was fine. it rained. the ceiling above my truck caved in and made a mess. oh well.

1:44p i’m like half a row away from being done with april on my temperature wrap. i printed out june, july and august and it looks pretty simple, nowhere near as many color breaks as in the winter/spring. if i can keep up this pace i’ll be caught up soon, probably by october.

1:51p jesus chrsti i just looked at the euro and it’s trying to kill us all

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