Unti555tled.mxd #165

1:39p the euro is still trying to kill us all. i guess i’m going to go get tires tonight, then hopefully have enough money left over to get some bottled water and canned goods. jesus fucking chriiiiiist this is insane. the gfs has florence like bouncing off the east coast and meandering in the atlantic next week, but who knows if that’s actually going to happen. the gfs has been more wrong than it’s been correct recently ssssoooo

waiting on the last couple of frames of the euro for 216 and 240 hrs but it kind of looks like florence does the same thing there. i’m just terrified that the high pressure ridge is going to steer it right around back into the caribbean(spelling? sorry sorry sorry) and back into a position where that shitbag could float right into my home.

in other news, i’m doing party usidore for haloween weekend at faire.

1:48p oh jesus the 00z euro has florence slamming into south carolina at like a cat billion or something, i can’t tell what the pressure is with these models on tropical tidbits. can’t wait to see what that 12z says

1:49p 12z has it grazing the east cost

uuuggghhhh that fills me with dddrrreeeeaaaadddd

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