Unti555tled.mxd #167

10:28a i’m well into may on my temperature shawl. i made armholes in it, because it’ll probably be close to 6′ long by the time i’m done. i’m 5’3 sssssooooo i don’t want to drag it around if i’m going to wear it. i might actuall stop increasing soon just so it’s not massively wide. i’m also planning on putting a hood on it as well, but that’s after i’m done as well.

looking at the forecast, i might have to buy that red fun fur yarn for my temperature shawl. hurricane season and all. i’d noted that i wanted that for a hurricane when i first thought up my project but never bought it, just like the nasty lime green for 100+ temperatures but that one has yet to happen.

i’m worried about my sister in NC right now. she lives well inland and has already told me she’s going to be out of town at the end of the week but STTTTTTTTIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLL florence is fucking massive and dangerous. ugh. i’m so worried.

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