Unti555tled.mxd #172

10:44a fandemic was just okay, no food options for people that can’t eat mainstream food without modifications. got michael rooker’s autograph. he was sweet and told me i should watch more than just horror movies. i’m trying, but man do i have a type

i’m learning more how to watch the high pressure / MJO patterns globally to generalize when i need to be on high alert re: weather. my sister made it through florence okay, just a lot of rain where she was. hopefully the rest of the season is dead dead dead. that’s what my fingers are crossed for.

i got my stationary bike in on friday. i fucking love it. it’s better than the treadmill (which was an overpriced piece of shit that completely broke down like 2 days outside of the warranty period) and i am thinking about the possibility of turning it into a generator if i really neeed to. like for hurricanes.

fucking hurricane madness. is this what low grade ptsd is? jfc


i bottomed out my truck this morning on one of the back roads into the office. when i drove through last it was fine, but i guess the rains over the weekend fucking washed all the mud out of a section that was torn up and then filled back in with dirt and gravel. fuck that road. fuck it a lot. but my truck’s fine, trucks are designed to take a bit of abuse.

i also just put fucking $500 in tires on the son of a bitch so yeah i’m a little testy about that road. never going that way again, at least until like next year

i’ve also decided to try listening to clyde lewis. my boyfriend listens to him on his way home from work. i liked art bell era coast-to-coast, i wonder if that comparison will hold? i fucking hated george norry. however the fuck you spell his name. it was fun for a little bit, but it degenerated into garbage pretty quick.

i have a ton of palate cleanser shows lined up after clyde, so if it’s bad i can get that taste out of my ears pretty quick.

12:04p jesus clyde lewis is really playing on people rn. talking about florence’s track over the eastern coast. like i barely have a grasp on how high pressure ridges work, and i’ve been reading about the science behind this shit since last hurricane season.

he’s like
it’s harrp or whatever, it’s weather manipulation. it’s the sunspot facility, whatever the fuck that is.

not the intensely complicated pressure and shear patterns that exist and are incredibly difficult to predict. it’s easier to make up a make-believe boogieman than it is to admit that we JUST DON’T KNOW


hey guess what
“sam” is full of shit
florence didn’t do anything weird or crazy
there are many documented storms that stalled over land
it just sucks
there’s no conspiracy behind it

12:14p just noting this right here:

timestamp 34:24
“that with the stalling[along the coast] it was producing wavecrests of up to 80 feet”

florence did not do that. florence generated waves in the open atlantic at 83′. not next to shore. fuckwit.

12:20p thsi fucking idiot doesn’t realize that we didn’t break any records for storms in the atlantic this season. he probably didn’t even check the wikipedia page

fucking idiot

it is not uncommon for storms to start firing off of the african coast in september. it’s peak season. this is fucking normal and not covered by the media unless a storm threatens our coast. normally they either dissolve over the atlantic. fish storms. fun to watch, fun to learn on, and are not a threat to anything except for fish.

fucking northerners need to stfu. keep to your own natural disasters.

1:09p holy shit clyde’s shilling for a detox tea uuugggghhhhhhhhh

1:51p i want to throttle this caller on ground zero. i jfc pican’wtoijhfasfelansdfcl;anfe;lwajerlawejrasl;dfjas owiewlaejrnwkaejrn

i fucking can’t with this shit

i can’t

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