Unti555tled.mxd #173

8:58a i talked to my boyfriend a bit about what he sees in ground zero.

i told him i wasn’t hate-listening, and i wanted to get to know the stuff he likes outside of our shared interests. we’ve been together for 6 years, ssssoooo this shouldn’t be so difficult. he says he listens for entertainment and not information.

i said good, because there was a red flag every couple of minutes. like he’s friends with alex jones. he’s “fair and balanaced”. he says he wants to talk to you straight, yet continually says “they” instead of naming who he’s talking about. he basically fellates tesla’s corpse. he denies the human component of climate change.

9:30a okay i love the cryptid keeper. jim cantore IS the gray man.

4:30p my skin is killing me again. i guess it’s time for bleach baths every day again. i ordered some closed-toe gel socks so hopefully that will help me occlude my feet more efficiently.

i’m looking forward to faire regardless. hopefully i’ll have my dress done this weekend. i may not even dress up the first weekend, idk it just depends.

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