Unti555tled.mxd #176

8:57a i was really feeling adam’s “can i just come back later” when ben and john started talking about some philosophy literature stuff and i was like yep, where’s the fart joke?


it’s one of those days

2:32p that guy from yesterday that i didn’t want to talk to cause me to audit my street centerlines. he would not shut the fuck up about how google is the end all be all and practically assigns addresses and it’s bullshit that an ambulance takes 45 minutes to get to his rv

now i already talked to the 911 district and they know where your ass is

an ambulance won’t be in your remote neck of the woods quickly fuckhead

but i can triple check my information and send a new version of my centerlines to 911, due diligence and all. besides i’m only early by a month or so on the audit i’d already be doing. whatever. all my major subdivisions are in so it’s time enough.

also, the owner of that fucking park never updated us like 4 years ago when they established the park

and i told him as much

i had to call the city it’s in to verify because i have no contact info for the park ownership (that’s honest to god normal, it’s all on the taxpayer to contact us if there’s an error)

google doesn’t call me to ask about what’s what, fuckhead

ambulances afaik have their own georeferencing system and not google fuckin maps

google maps is editable by the public, at least by business owners


there’s no conspiracy but i do fucking hate you now for being an asshole on the phone

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