Unti555tled.mxd #178

8:09a why am i so busy? why can’t i seem to finish anything i start? like my faire dress is not even anywhere close to done. i started to hang shelves and haven’t finished, there’s 2 supports on the wall and that’s it. i started to sand the firepit out and had to stop because the drill died.

i’m getting really down on myself for this. i feel like i’m justified in doing so though, like you know you have shit to do and it needs to get finished. i just end up spending all my energy at work, which isn’t wrong at all – like i need to so i can keep my house and my truck and be able to enjoy my life right?

8:52a i really don’t want to be here today but i have to

my flatbreads get stale in the fridge and i don’t really know what to do. suffer, i guess? hmm

11:13a i could have addressed the UN better at the height of my intense social anxiety days

i don’t think the rest of the world would have laughed at me

2:24p i’m going to sleep as soon as i can tonight. like literally going to pack my lunch, finish my steps, and sleep. i hate this so much. i hate steroids.

2:39p it also doesn’t help i binge ate like 2 bags of candy and some errant cookies left in the breakroom

ugh. i feel like garbage. pure garbage.

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