week 12 of socially distanced lunch + notes

so hurricane laura really got me off track. i got twisted preparing for another ike, but we were spared last minute. survivor’s guilt is fucking real and i’m still fucked up about it. give some money to SBP or something, dear reader.

either way, my meal prep was thrown WAY OFF TRACK and i ended up eating ramen, frozen falafel, frozen mixed vegetables, whatever other stuff i had in the freezer for the week of hurricane laura and the week after. back on track this week.

i have the small instant pot, the duo mini. i had to split this recipe into two batches, but i will write it as if i could make it all in one go. the cook times should not be affected, as all the reference recipes i looked at for cook times were all for the larger instant pot.

red beans & rice

1 lb dry small red beans, soaked overnight in the fridge & drained (**not kidney beans**)

2 large ribs celery, diced

1 white or yellow onion, diced

1 bell pepper, diced

a lot of garlic cloves, minced. i used 5.

2 tbsp earth balance butter sub or your pick oil/water for sweating vegetables

2 1/2 tbsp low sodium slap ya mama seasoning

2 generous tbsp smoked paprika, add more if the jar is old. this goes for all your dried seasoning tbh

1 – 2 tbsp mushroom powder *this is important, since there’s no meat this imparts some of that umami that sausage would have imparted*

2 tsp dried oregano

2 tsp dried thyme

2 tsp dried sage

2 of the larger bay leaves in the container

just enough water to cover the beans

*** set this off to the side, don’t put it in your cooking liquid. it will make your beans tough as fuck since it’s mostly sodium ***

3 level tsp orrington farms vegan ham broth

a shake or so of liquid smoke

*** you’re going to mix this in after the beans cook ***

1: drain beans and set aside. measure out about 4 cups of fresh water in another container, set aside. you may not use all the water.

2: dice vegetables and set aside

3: measure out seasonings above the *** note

4: hit saute on instant pot, add butter substitute. wait for it to start popping. add onion, celery and bell pepper. sweat until onions are translucent. add garlic, stir & saute for a minute more. turn off saute mode.

5: add beans, stir. add water to just above beans and seasonings above the *** note. stir again to make sure there are no clumps.

6: seal instant pot, cook on manual high pressure for 33 minutes. allow pressure to naturally release.

7: while the IP is cooking, make some long grain rice. i serve this with roughly a cup of rice and greens.

8: after the cook time is done, remove any excess liquid. there should be more beans than liquid, imo. stir in ham broth and liquid smoke. stir until no lumps remain, taste and adjust if you want. i like to add some hot sauce.

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