i hate performance review time. i have a hard time judging how “well” i’m doing so i just put all high marks and hope everything works out. it’s been a couple days and my boss still hasn’t got to mine yet, but if i recall that’s normal.

in other news: i typed “moon that spells moon valley” for a subdivison name. i changed it before i moved on, but i have been listening to the stand. i haven’t read it in a long time and it’s still just as good as it was when i was a teenager. not like handmaid’s tale, which scares the shit out of me now. maybe after this administration is done and gone i’ll enjoy it again.

i also finished the current season of “man in the high castle”. i enjoyed it. i enjoyed the novella as well, and this extension of the story is fun. can’t wait for season 4.


10:33a i think i’m going to make the old polos i still have into tunic tops.

like cut the collar + a little from the body, stitch it to part of a sweater maybe? maybe not a tunic top. hmm. maybe i’ll go to goodwill and look for long sleeve shirts to layer it with, cut the polo and stitch them together to make a shirt that won’t overheat me the rest of the year.

also i can’t wait to hear frigay’s take on krampus. i don’t think i’ve watched that specific film yet. fun times.


2:30p my coworkers moralize food to the point where i don’t even want to discuss it. i just don’t.

they’re like, “you’re so healthy”

“you eat so healthy”

“you eat so good”

“you’re so good”

what the fuck, no. i am a person. i am not good or bad. i have a dairy sensitivity, and the cost to benefit for me is entirely too high.

i’m 99% sure that the curry i ate on saturday night had yogurt in it and i’ve been itchy since. i’ll be okay in a few days. i just have to take care of myself. i didn’t ask because there was a “v” next to the menu item, a temporary lapse in judgement. i’m not killing myself over it, i’ll just learn how to make my own curry and eat it at home because that shit WAS DELICIOUS.