10:43a i didn’t write yesterday. busy day.

hopefully my condo association gets back to me soon about what “structural changes” means so i can start ripping up the floor in my little bathroom. i’m back to wanting to do concrete instead of laminate.

11:03a i’m not happy about beto losing. no one likes ted cruz. no one. and yet they keep fucking voting him in.

11:25a cool, i’m going to start tearing up tile tonight. i do not like that bathroom. i hope there’s already concrete there that i can just clean up and seal.

4:32p my coworkers cry about the rain a lot. like teenagers. i think they’re all older than me.

is that bitchy to think? jeez. i don’t know anymore.

but sometimes it feels like the rain will never end. like we’re skipping heros and villains weekend at faire because of the rain. this sucks. oh well. we’ll just party extra hard on thanksgiving.

Unti555tled.mxd #148

8:13a my treadmill now works as directed. i’ve shimmed it up off the carpet so it can run without overheating. pretty sweet.

i’ve been marathoning steal the stars. i was initially turned off because it’s a love story, but it’s some solid science fiction. the acting is phenomenal.

8:45a i am conflicted about the fact i just opened the audible app to search for the “steal the stars” novelization when i’m listening to the podcast that inspired the novel

8:46a DUH OF COURSE THERE’S AN AUDIOBOOK. it looks like it’s the podcast + extras. i might get it just to listen to the story without ads.

10:14a ok steal the stars is breaking my heart rn

12:03p post steal the stars recap

if i come across another love story like this i’m down. please make sure the mix is 90% sci-fi/action/solid story and 10% romance

Unti555tled.mxd #147

12:18p my treadmill is overheating. i didn’t get a manual with it, but it’s probably the carpet rubbing on the belt. i’ll fix that tonight.

my boyfriend lost some of his keys (!!!!!!!) night before last and i had to blow my free time last night changing the locks on the door. this isn’t cool. i am really mad at him and i don’t know how to deal with it.

1:18p the only text messages i get nowadays are from chase when i use my credit card and the only social media replies i get are full of shit. my boyfriend barely talkes to me. my friends are MIA. i am pretty lonely. but i did get a video thank you from scooter for becoming a sleep with me patron.

3:59p the lady in the bullpen is complaining loudly about her staff cleaning out the refrigerators and not being at their desks.

her staff made the mess in the refrigerators.

her staff is why i bought an expensive lunchbox that will keep my shit cold enough to not make me sick all day and keep my lunch at my desk.

Unti555tled.mxd #146

10:44a my soapmaking stuff will be here tomorrow. along with stuff for more chap stick. i can’t wait. i love making my own stuff.

11:26a i’ve fallen in love with bigg’s dill pickle sunflower seeds. i can only seem to get them at walmart. or amazon. it’s easier to go to walmart.

11:42a i wish i had more me time

11:48a or just go on a road trip. just leave for a week and go somewhere else. it would take 2 days to get the fuck out of texas anyway

3:20p i prepped some pasta salad for dinner for the rest of the week.

10oz cherry tomatoes
1 14 oz can of quartered artichoke hearts, drained
generous 1 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
onion and garlic powder to taste

150g dry rotini, i have the ronzini super greens rotini on hand
1 tbsp butter flavored coconut oil (or butter w/e)
vinegar of choice, to taste
add more seasonings to taste, i did more s&p, garlic, onion, paprika and some parsley
** preheat oven to 425*
** slice tomatoes in half
** toss tomatoes and drained artichoke hearts in olive oil and seasonings
** roast for ~30 minutes until nice (my oven might suck, set a timer for 10 minutes and adjust time as needed)

** boil salted water for pasta
** cook to al dente
** drain

** toss with butter stuff and vinegar

** combine w/ tomatoes and artichokes in a bowl, season to taste

makes 3 portions. serve cold w/ cold meat or bean of choice. i use canned tuna or canned salmon. chickpeas or great northern would be an acceptable swap.

3:37p i am digging this episode of archive 81. “exist in the place you are currently occupying”

3:58 “beano looooove elegance, beano love luxury” beano’s my favorite character on mission to zyxx

Unti555tled.mxd #144

7:30a watching a video about recreating some burger from spongebob but it actually looks good

bonito flake
dried shiitake mushroom
dried anchovy

grind to powder

equal parts beef short rib & chuck

oven dry tomato slices 200* for 1 1/2 hr

sun dried tomato puree w/ olive oil + ketchup

yellow miso + mustard

10:49a i am so sleepy. the cats kept me up making noise.

12:19p i got my table set up yesterday. going to get some linen soon and make a new dress for faire. i have like 2 months. i need to get on making the tent platform omg omg omg omg omg omg. and my treadmill is at my parent’s house, so i need to go get that. apparently it’s heavy as fuck. ommmmgggggg

4:15p i am so tired. i’m spacing out at my desk sleepy. but i did get to witness the kevinception on star trek shitposting so that’s good. he’s so happy. his wife says he’s like that all the time.

Unti555tled.mxd #139

9:34a david cummings’ intro to nosleep gives me chills every time. every. single. time. yeah, man, brace yourself. i can get out of my head for a little while and get fucking LOST in some terrible place.

this weekend was decent. this month feels like it’s dragging on forever.

i recaulked my bathtub this weekend. i am considering just demoing the whole goddamned thing and turning it into a wet room. it might make my life easier.

9:47a someone protect ruth bader ginsburg around the clock, please god please please please please. she just stated that she’d stay on the supreme court until she’s 90 and we really need her to stay there and healthy

2:55p i really wish it was easier to talk about racism and it’s many forms. i get more requests from my coworkers to double check situs addresses given to us by people with overtly “ethnic” names than anything else. i’ve had more white people present me with made up shit than the local vietnamese community.

3:55p i’m listening to the wilderness and trying not to cry. i know that it’s edited to elicit an emotional response. all media is, to a degree. but i so miss having an eloquent president. a leader that actually had a bit of sense, still had their faculties enough to not completely destroy the country. we did fucking great with obama, and this shit now? this shit now is almost halfway done and we’re on a path to ruin. what the fuck.