Unti555tled.mxd #121

8:46a s11e2, “not your standard phobia”. the first time i heard this story on the free nosleep feed i straight thought i was listening to a talkspace ad until i looked at the timestamp and realized we were well into the story. nosleep’s ads are *that* *good*.

8:57a i’m thinking about building some vanities for our bathrooms. i don’t like the ones in stores, so this is where i am. hmm. i’m also still thinking about redoing the drywall in the master bath. maybe i should get off pinterest, this shit is not good for me.

11:50a made my first bodyartforms purchase in 3 years. i was feeling the need for some more plugs. i’m thinking about getting my ears pierced again. that would be nice.

3:15p jesus christ “warning cry” on nosleep s11ep3 is something else entirely. fucking fantastic.

3:24p so is “my childhood home” holy shit. i am so very happy with the $20 i spent on this already and the season isn’t even halfway over i think.

Unti555tled.mxd #120

12:27p i got my first nosleep season pass. season 11. i can’t wait to get into that. the condo is coming along well. we’re almost done moving. hopefully the fridge comes in on time on saturday and everything’s will work just fine. i’m hoping for no problems.

i did frog my temperature wrap again. i restarted it as a triangle shawl, with the high on one side and the low on another. it’s working out better this time. i went up a needle size so the drape is better. i printed out the months i need to work, which seems to go faster than reading off the computer screen and marking rows complete in a spreadsheet. spreadsheeting the pattern makes it easy to read though.

3:02p i just want to go home and knit. i can’t do either one right now. home is stretched between two places and i have no spare time to knit.

4:34p i think ive finally hit adulthood? i’m daydreaming about how i want to mount the tv in my bedroom. what vinyl flooring i want to buy to put up on the walls. omg.

Unti555tled.mxd #119

8:56a heeeey i found peter lewis’ first nosleep episode. season 3, episode 9. pretty cool.

i haven’t been writing much because it’s been pretty consistently busy. i’ve been preoccupied with getting the new place set up.

9:49a nosleep, season 3 episode 10. “heat stroke” hits home. it’s a real concern here and i don’t think i’ve ever experience it exactly, but heat exhaustion for sure.

3:07p i want to do wood walls in the condo. i don’t know how i’m going to do it, but i’m going to fucking do it. somehow. laminate? peel & stick? i saw some pretty sick looking kitchen backsplash at home depot that i want too. it was thin stone textured strips. maybe it was actual stone. idk. i’d like to mix that up with some glass tiles. zomg.

4:45p i saw a tweet from a journalist at the capital gazette and it was chilling.

i think i’ve written this before but every time something like this happens i wonder if i’m next. if the person coming in for confrences tomorrow is going to try to kill us all. half the folks in my office subscribe to that good guy with a gun theory and i’m nnnnot cool with that at all. i’ll be hiding behind a file cabinet thx

Unti555tled.mxd #118

8:01a i took off early yesterday to go to the post office. i was dreading it all day, but it ended up being super painless. the same lady i talked to in the other post office was working in this one, she remembered me and everything worked out. i paid my $40, picked up my held mail, done.

8:46a i’m probably going to buy solo when it comes out. the more i think about it, the more i love these stand alone star wars. i’m fucking sad that disney might be moving away from them.

Unti555tled.mxd #117

8:06a there was some sort of kerflfuffle out in the bullpen just now and i have no idea what started it, but there was a lot of lighthearted yelling and laughing and i’m kind of sad i was distracted by this video of peter lewis eating spicy noodles.

i write a lot about distractions and stuff i’m doing at work, but honestly i am furiously alt-tabbing around.

9:15a powerful. did an episode with hansi k├╝rsch and i’m loving it. i love blind guardian, probably my longest running “fandom” if i can even call it that. i don’t like “fandom” as a term. but i’ve been a fan of them foooorrrrr 14 years. feels good. i can still listen to “nightfall in middle earth” and it still gives me the chills.

2:19p i found some han solo dice on thingverse. ordered them today, should see them in a week or 2. han solo cosplay here i come.

2:37p just found a blaster kit. it’s so much cheaper to get a kit than a ready made replica. omg im so excited.

2:40p i fell out of star wars when the prequels came out. i really just didn’t care for it anymore, that and combined with being a teenager … and lord of the rings … i didn’t come back to it until the newer movies started coming out. now i’m fucking gung-ho again just like in middle school. what the fuck.

except now i have money for replicas and costuming. and a lot more friends than i did back then.

now i’m finally going to get to dress up like han solo and no one’s going to fucking stop me


i’m 99% sure the attitude i adopted to gaining a career stemmed straight from the scene in “a new hope” where han fakes being a stormtrooper. that’s my life. uughh

Unti555tled.mxd #116

1:47p i got a fridge this weekend. is this being an adult? picking out appliances? because i’m kinda down. i’m already remodelling my kitchen in my head. i want one of those kitchen faucets with the professional looking sprayer. i love those.

i made the pork roast over the weekend. the instant pot makes life sssssssooooooo easy. i love that pot roast, too. it’s extra easy and a pound roast can make a week’s worth of dinners.

Unti555tled.mxd #115

9:22a i’m trying to psych myself up for breaking into this storage unit for my condo. ugh this sucks.

10:16a it’s fucking icy cold in the office today and i knnnow it’s only because it’s getting into the 90s outside and it’ll feel great when i get back inside from lunch but GOD DAMN I AM SO COLD RIGHT NOW

11:09a okay, i think i’m going to take some of my yarn out of the moving box and cast on a sweater. i have some super bulky blanket yarn and a general idea of how to make a garment like that and i am sossososososo cold and the sweater i leave here and the ELECTRIC BLANKET isn’t enough

4:20p decided to listen to some music to close out the week. blind guardian’s back on the menu. my god, i hope they come back to the US one day. maybe i’ll go to them if our disasterous international policy won’t shut that door.