Unti555tled.mxd #94

9:03a just watching this cute little 90L. stay away. the noaa rain forecast is steadily shifting rain west ahead of 90L and i’m not cool.

10:35a i am totally in a nosleep mood. i realized i’d already listened to season 5 a few episodes before the conclusion of it. i guess it doesn’t even matter if i’ve already heard it before. the stories are almost always stellar and the narration just GGGGEEETTTTTS me.

12:22P dear caller, there is no need for you to tell me you’re “trying to be really nice”. i can hear that you’re mad, and you’re mad in the way a child gets huffy when their parents can’t read their minds. like no, child, you can speak and you can use your words to tell me what’s wrong.

it’s not my fault it took you five years to realize you may want to call and tell someone that you’ve been getting a tax bill that’s not yours. especially when you’re renting a PO box and you’re consistently getting mail that isn’t yours. i wonder if he’s called all the other entities sending mail to that PO box. it’s the taxpayer’s repsonsibility to update us on their mailing address anyway.

3:53P i’m planning on making vegan charro beans for a memorial day bbq this weekend. my friend is a vegan and her husband is not. they make it work pretty fucking fantastic. it’s super easy – not being an asshole goes a really long way.

4:58p the reality is sinking in that it’s literally only been a few months since the last hurricane season ended. i’m not mentally prepared for this. uuuggghhh

Unti555tled.mxd #93

8:16a it’s been busy. the summers are always busy.

this week’s nosleep is pretty darned good so far. hftmt this week was also gold, paul f tompkins is always fun to listen to. i was ssssssstoked to hear the greatest disco music start. i could listen to them bullshit all day, mostly because they are funny. often at eachother’s expense, but man i hope that’s just in the spirit of comedy.

i can’t forget to go vote in the primary tonight. abbott’s gotta go. god i hope we can pull it together enough to get rid of him and his leutenant.

8:32p i finally figured out something for my temperature shawl. i adapted a pattern called flying fringe (i think??). after about 50 rows, i started knitting the increase section in eyelet instead of garter stitch. makes it a little more airy, and you can see the color changes just fine in the garter section. i think once i get to an even count of garter and eyelet stitches i’ll alternate between the two. or maybe something else. not sure yet. i’m happy with how this is turning out so far.

9:02a the black hole on the other side of jupiter is pretty fucking fantastic. i love sci-fi horror something fierce, and it’s sooooooooooooo hard to pull off. it’s easy to dive deep into off-brand velveeta and tell a story that just sucks.

10:18a i’m almost through another shawl i started to use up a bunch of this lion’s brand homespun i have. it’s the gray that’s varigated with black, pink and blue. i have another skein of it from years ago that’s got no varigation, but just the base gray that i want to use to finish out the shawl. i think i’ll make a similar one with the red homespun i have as well. i’m just happy i figured something to do with it. now i have like 12 skeins of lion’s brand mandala to use up as well. trying to figure out something nice to do with that.

10:21A it’s been so long since i’ve had grapes that i really want to go home and plow through the bag i bought. i put some in my bag for snacks and omg. they’re delicious. i guess there is something to only buying some produce when it’s in season versus year round.

11:37a i’ve been eating avocado toast for dinner, fuck. i just doomed myself to eternal poverty.

4:57p it’s that time of year where i start obsessively watching the NHC maps and the wunderground blog. i watch the comments on wunderground now because it tipped me off 2 days early for harvey. i think it’s the only reason we had enough food to last being trapped. i should have had us pull the vehicles up on the tennis court, but we have a better plan this year. either that plan or park on the big ass bridge next to the condo and hunker down. that bridge has seen more hurricanes than i’ll ever know.

Unti555tled.mxd #92

8:08a austin was fantastic. we did nothing but eat tacos and bbq. then we went to see the greatest generation’s treatment of wrath of khan. brandoing is in my vocabulary now, which is awesome.

the drive there was pretty simple. like we might do this again to hit up the comic book stores again. their stores are better.

10:34a i wish texas kids would stand up and ask for gun control. locking down the school and putting more armed cops obviously DOESN’T FUCKING WORK

11:34a i am kind of sick of hearing one of my coworkers constantly talking about how scared she is for her kids and grandkids. we are all scared. you are praying for god to save you. god might save you through fucking gun control laws that you keep saying no to, you fucking maga hat wearing idiot

11:57p o fuck the board is here. i was hoping that this would be later on. uuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh i hate them so much. they made the summer/fall of 2016 absolutely intolerable. like i crawled head-first into my headphones and never crawled out. they are fucking literally the boomer stereotype. down to unprovoked shit talking at anyone younger than them.



Unti555tled.mxd #91

8:37a everyone around me is getting sick or dying. a friend just lost their dad, jimmy’s coworker got viciously ill last night, i think we both have sinus infections, my agent had a family emergency that i’m not going into, and the owner of the office i’m going through for homeowner’s insurance just lost their dad as well. that fucks everything up.

in other news, we’re hitting the road for austin tomorrow. i’m excited. i haven’t been to austin as an adult.

10:56a i am getting better at spinning plates

11:30a i have honestly never used my email this extensively in my fucking life. i’ve literally been using it as a dump for logins and reciepts forever. i think i’m garbage at email unless i’m at work omg.

11:32a the juice+cotton in lieu of nicotine mints is working, i think. if i wasn’t stressed out from this other stuff going on i might not be snacking as much. but i stress eat. at least i’m buying stuff like sunflowers seeds and pistachios. i fucking want a five pound bag of skittles, but i’d blow through it in a day.

Unti555tled.mxd #90

9:56a i guess im going to learn how to do drywall and floors. too late to go back now, notice is already in at my complex and id have to pay a massive penalty to go back on that. i fucking hate how our housing market works now.

11:26a i haven’t been sleeping well and this condo ordeal has had me wrapped up pretty much entirely. my weekends are spent cleaning and organizing and packing what i can.

god i think i put too much juice on my gums i hope i don’t get sick

2:47p i am tired and so anxious. i tried to go to bed early last night, but when i did i ended up waking up 2 hours later and didn’t go back to sleep until 1 in the morning. there was an alarm that woke me up again after that and apparently one of the stores in front of my apartments was broken into. we have lived here nearly 3 years and i’ve never heard that alarm go off.

3:59p getting homeowners insurance is actually fucking pulling teeth. ive been on the phone for a half hour. i only spend this much time on the phone with ESRI tech support jfc.

Unti555tled.mxd #89

9:33a this feels like hurry up and wait. i’m going to put my 60 days in at my complex tonight. after that this is really going to be real, start to really take shape. hopefully the seller is making some headway on fixing the items in the contract. hopefully i don’t go broke doing this. hopefully everything works out.

and there’s a possible tropical mass floating around in the gulf. hopefully it spins out into nothing.

9:43a i’ve been dripping some 1mg fluid i made onto a piece of a cotton ball and shoving it between my lip and gum. trying to cut back on spending. i think i spend like $60-$90/month on nicotine lozenges and jfc that’s too much. this will take some getting used to, but this does taste better than the lozenges.

11:15a waiting patiently for my loan officer to re-populate this form. she keeps sending me forms with the incorrect unit number. makes me doubt them as a whole. i hope this gets resolved quickly.

11:29a listening to alice isn’t dead. she’s raving about bucees.

she’s 100% correct. bucees is literally heaven on the highway.

1:58p i just want to go back to sleep. i also hope that blabbermouth fails, fwiw. they said some garbage about west virginia that just reinforces the negative image the state has. like all they did was focus on don blankenship and not on the republican that actually won their election or the progressive that won like a decent percentage of the vote. they focused on what fit their show’s narrative and FUCK that. that’s fucking our country up more.

2:09p apparently an asphalt paver caught fire this afternoon. this does not bode well for us.

2:55p just over 2 hours i’m going to put in my notice at our apartment.

Unti555tled.mxd #88

9:49a i have a headache. i hate having a headache in general, but i hate it the most at work. screen fatigue is a real thing and just compounds the headache

1:30p the comments i got on this letter from the power company says “ALT-F11 says it’s groovie!” lololololol

i don’t think they meant for anyone to see that.

3:24p i’m getting caught up on alice isn’t dead by starting from episode 1. i forgot how much i enjoyed this show.

3:54p we just lost 3 people and i only found out about 2 of them when the updated phone tree got sent out. one dude might come back tho, he’s been back and forth. idk if he’s national guard or military or something.