10:19a i’m not as despondant today. generally okay. i got one of my shelves hung last night. i’m waiting on a parcel remainder and i sketched the pvc camper shell i want to build. i checked the precipt forecast model that’s on tropical tidbit’s and it’s looking good for next weekend.

i should hopefully not need the camper shell, but i’m going to take my toolbox off anyway. i need the room more than i need the toolbox. i have a space for it now anyway.

1:28p the dr ford hearings are kind of triggering and i feel strange even phrasing it that way. my ex didn’t believe me when i told him that his client sexually assaulted me and it wasn’t until way later that it came out he assaulted every female patron and employee he could get close to. he didn’t believe me. no one did, they thought i made it up for attention.

there’s nothing i can do now to right that. i just have to deal with it.

3:56p dear clyde lewis

i agree with you that the mainstream media sucks

that discussing trump’s dick is not becoming of serious journalists

but how is that any different than alex jones calling sandy hook a false flag operation any different?

bear with me.

they’re all fanning the flames of outrage for advertising bucks.

btw aligining yourself with alex jones is not a good look dude

Unti555tled.mxd #158

8:54a i’m fucking loving this week’s friendly fire and they haven’t even got to the film yet. i’m 100% on board.

8:56a oh god fucking revisionist history star wars i am in love

jesus christ this shit is blowing my mind

like i was born in 1985. okay? 1985. star wars came out in 1977. i always call it what my dad did and my dad said STAR WARS.



i was aware of the version of star wars before the CGI. i saw it. i remember it. i remember thinking the jabba looked strange and shouldn’t have been there. i wish i knew what had happened to my original VHS tape. i’d have mailed it to john rodrick.


4:13p it’s been a year since harvey and i don’t know if my mental state has improved or not. i know that i still get intensely anxious when a car alarm goes off. my truck doesn’t have one, just the vyncs but i’m sure that would notify me if it shorted out from being submerged.

but i want to thank the hurricane hive mind at the wunderground blog for drawing my attention to the tropical storm that dissipated into a tropical wave that would then reintensify into harvey. fuck harvey. fuck hurricanes.

Unti555tled.mxd #157

11:09a made an appointment for my brakes and an alignment. gonna get new tires this weekend. fun times. i hate doing this but i need to be a fucking adult and take care of my vehicle.

i just have to get over the fear of something going wrong. everything will be fine.

12:01p “we’re just demoing a house, we don’t need to know where the easements are”

i sure as shit hope you called the fucking gas company before you start

2:54p i mean, the mysterious man is right. people who love podcasts are usually *super* social. (that was episode 53 btw)

3:06p yay, episode 54 is proto hey riddle riddle!

3:55p the wifi in this episode is fantastic

4:16p ohhh 55 has some quality asmr stuff, but if i recall correctly that ends fast

4:20: oh yeah, metanoid is kind of hard on the ears

Unti555tled.mxd #156

11:16a this preworkout powder i got is helpful. i feel pretty good after like a 3 “serving” scoop. not tired.

i think i’m just going to keep up with the stockinette on my temperature shawl. changing the pattern would make it way too busy, since it’s busy as-is. not sure what i’m going to do with my other project that i frogged. i did cast on a basic beanie tho, since i don’t have a basic beanie that i like in plain black (all of them have logos).

my fabric for my faire dress should be in tonight. i can’t wait to get that going and have a proper dress, or at least one that’s closer to period than not. last year’s was something i pieced together for dickens on the strand a few years ago and didn’t end up going.

4:15p i broke down and got a knit stitch book. it’s better than relying on free websites because i know they’re tested and they *work*. i tried a couple from the free stitch website i found and nothing i tried for a lace pattern worked. it wasn’t expensive and it’s a kindle book so it’s not taking up space.

Unti555tled.mxd #155

10:50a i got my truck back no problem. i’m assuming that it got fixed. it’s not like they charged me.

note to self: do not take allegra again if you have stuff to do. it might say non-drowsy but it’s not.

3:28P jesus christ today has been awful. fuck allegra. i’m so done with that garbage, never taking it again

i am so tired

in other news, the hollywood handbook guy and jjgo is just a fucked show because it’s literally everywhere all at once but it’s 100% funny

4:30p i’m finally waking up a little bit. this sucks. i’m thinking about my temperature shawl while i’m waiting on the parcel fabric job i have going to finish. i think i’m going to do a shetland lace pattern i saw a knit stitch website for the month of april. it’s really pretty and i think i can make it work with the increases. i just have to sit down and sketch it out in excel or something to make sure it will work. i have zero desire to tink back with that piece, and tbh it might be impossible since i have to break the yarn at the end of the row.

or i might just do a moss stitch, i haven’t figured it out yet. i just know that i want to do something different for the next 3 months on that shawl, since the first 3 have been plain stockinette.

4:35p yeah. i think i’m going to do a moss stitch for the temperature shawl and i’m going to rip out the asymmetrical shawl i have working rn and do the lace pattern on a triangle shawl with that yarn instead of the asymmetrical pattern.

Unti555tled.mxd #154

8:59a finally getting my airbag recall done. it’s been months and months and months and the local ford dealer finally has the part in stock. ugh.

10:52a ugh jesus i’m finally hearing some of this audio from that chick that got fired from the white house and it’s disgusting on like every sing level there is in existance, even some that aren’t in this particular existance


Unti555tled.mxd #153

8:58a i’m not doing a great job of keeping notes on my relisten but meh, whatever. life is happening at the same time and i’m not always able to type out my thoughts. i try to get what i can remember.

but i swear to god i’m the only fucking adult in this office. we had a training meeting yesterday and i’m the only one with complete notes. my boss is out having surgery today and he made some little “well i want to train yall just in case something happens to me” comment to all of us. what the fuck yall. that probably means he’s concerned he might die. i mean, that’s a normal fear going into surgery right? jesus christ yall

1:52p i had a bunch of podcasts drop today so i’ve been listening to those instead of hftmt. i did have a dumb moment though. one of the hosts on friendly fire described someone as neopolitan, and one of the other hosts says “so like, chocolate pants, vanilla shirt, and strawberry jacket?” i laughed and felt stupid almost immediately because i knew that fucking word meant something else, like not ice cream. it’s a citizen of naples. duh.

2:06p i switched back over to using a backpack instead of a shoulder sling bag. messenger bag. whatever. my back was starting to hurt again. i can’t handle that and my flared up feet at the same time anymore. fuck that. i just don’t want to be in pain anymore.