8:57a this is one of the crazier shows i’ve listened to. basically, this cultural anthropologist is trying to figure out if early christianity was heavily influenced by psychedelics. like essentially, shrooms as the first eurachist (spelling?).


i know i’ve written about not being christian before, but i am world accepting and christianity is a part of the world. this is pretty intense. the author shared something his mother said shortly before her death:

“i had dream. god is a river of love that flows through the universe, and all i have to do is let go into the river.”

super intense.

we had a little experience at faire. we’d done our normal walk-in ritual – open a bottle of mead and down it on the walk into the grounds. we were talking to a guy the day before, who’d mentioned the woman managing the booth he was working was looking for one of these fancy blue grolsch looking bottles to wire wrap. we had an empty one in camp, and said we’d return with it the next day.

before we left (i’d wanted to buy a bodice cooler from her anyway, total providence that we struck up a conversation with the dude and there they were) she stops my boyfriend and says

“hey, there’s a man standing behind you. he’s just barely taller than you and he’s got his thumbs up.”

drunk me goes looking for the dude

drunk me realizes she’s seeing a spirit or aura of some sort. quickly sobering me realizes we didn’t ask for anything like this or talk about our feelings or anything. nearly sober me kind of leans in and says, i’ve never heard anyone be close to right. [bf]’s uncle passed about a month ago and… bf proceeds to relate the last time him and his uncle had spoke. they talked about bf’s weekend plans – bf says that we’re going to TRF, talked a little about camping and such. i wasn’t there so idk the details. bf’s uncle had mentioned he’d never been to faire before and he’d like to go one day.

the woman had said something about that being a good omen for a big thing or decision, i am of the opinion bf’s uncle was having a good time following us around.

9:50a i wonder what would happen if we turned an entire nation into a nation of mystics? huh.


1:29p this weekend went okay. we both got camp-drunk and wandered into faire proper. i remember high fiving people and buying kettle corn. we met up with my friend. i was asked to keep our place at the fire show and her and my boyfriend came back with food and handed me some ribs. they were delicious. i was also way hammered.

like i made it back to camp somehow, changed, walked to the campground bathrooms, walked back, made some pedialyte (spelled fuckin wrong), drank it, and went to sleep. i don’t have a strong memory of doing most of that. my garb pants were muddy as ffffuuuucccckkkkk


9:51a this weekend was fun. we got stuck in the rain on the way there, thankfully we got into a gas station before our stuff in the back got soaked. then we got stuck on the road next to a stalled truck before we could get to the campground, long enough for us to get our tent and screen house up before the second band of rain started. we had to raid my tarp supply to cover the screen house sufficiently to keep the rain out so our evening wasn’t a total ruin. like no hot food or comfortable place to chill.

3:51p i’m going to make chicken and dumplings and then chili with rice probably this weekend. it’s supposed to be super nice outside. tacos for breakfast?

i can’t wait. it’s halloween too. can’t. fuckin. wait.

in other news: the second season of channel zero is okay. i’m not into the idea of an escape room sossossoooooooooo


9:44a it’s here, the weekend’s here and oh oh oh i’ll be on the road soon

but someone in a facebook group made a reference to that pumped up kicks song and now i am stuck in a youtube loop of 200x music nostalgia and i find myself wondering if it’s healthy to indulge in nostalgia like this

nostalgia is pain

whatever, fuck it, i’m going to get drunk this weekend and have a good time with some piratepeeps


10:20a chicken stew baked potatoes and frito pie, with banana pecan pancakes for breakfast.

12:14p i ride for “lars and the real goat”

2:22p i haven’t gone full on <retired coworker> but i’m getting there. netflix is great for keeping me off social media.

2:28p so i just found a deed for a cemetery on bolivar when i was trying to sketch what, if i’ve found the correct conveyance, was the george & helen simpton estate in the 1850s? there’s a notation about a 1 acre family cemetery and burial ground that’s outlined in deeds long since lost, probably. they reference books i have no way of searching unless i go down to the clerk’s office.

there’s nothing on the aerial. after all the floods and hurricanes and shifting through the decades there wouldn’t be. but there’s still our notation of the cemetery and a tiny tax bill paid by a family trust in another town.





10:33a i’m trying to brainstom a menu i can possibly cook 100% on the propane range or the charcoal grill. hhhmmm.

11:44a haunting at hill house has those good chills. don’t need jump scares when you’ve got nosleep people writing, they know

11:45a one is def going to be some kind of chili. i have some potatoes already and meat in the freezer. just gotta make the chili.

12:16p uugghh shirl just hung up her phone with her gloves on covered in her sister’s gooooooooooo

4:24p jfc this show just gets better and better and beter and better and better and better and better and better and better and better

like ck walker is the absolute best

4:40p the only way i can seemingly stomach a romance is when it’s couched in a horror story