Unti555tled.mxd #179

1:34p i hope this season turns out better than last year. my fingers are crossed it will be pretty fantastic.

i am looking for a canopy rn to string up so we can still have a fire. honestly, i love camp fires. it’s my favorite part of camping. otherwise why bother?

2:11p is prendisone induced depression a thing

because this is really bad

i just want this to stop

and i want to sleep

i want to eat

i don’t want to do anything

there’s more but it’s so twisted and *i* *know* *it’s* *not* *correct*

2:17p just time to binge off book until i feel better

3:46p i really want to go home

Unti555tled.mxd #175

8:16a i’m listening to the episode of pounded in the butt by my own podcast that scoots did in a desparate act of self-care

i’m just tired and i’ve been doing nothing but chores all week. barely any knitting done this week, got my cocoon sweater finally on the round. the instructions on the pattern were slightly unclear.

i kind of want to design some mittens with some chuck-isms. i’ll have to comb his twitter for something super short.

uh duh i think i already know

“love is real”

8:25a hearing scoots cuss is comforting and i have no clue why

8:46a jeez this music is great

8:48a if it wasn’t for the music i’d be drifting off to sleep

11:00a i didn’t think about this at the time, but i went to walmart before work to get some things. paper towels, tp, a brush attachment for my drill so i can remove all that rust from our firepit, safety goggles because i don’t know where mine went and i mean they’re $2 and my eyes are priceless, an extra skein of the mandala colorway i want to work next, and a set of knitting notions with stitch holders.

the cashier asked me if the goggles were mine (“yes”) and then what i was making and i said i was working on a sweater and i was a little short on yarn

i’m not sure if she meant what i was doing with the goggles or the yarn

i’m not sure what anything means anymore?

it was also 6:30a and i wasn’t really thinking. i’m tired

2:57p i saw the crazy 911 dude’s name on the caller id and it hasn’t been transferred back to me yet. i’m scared someone’s talking to him like he’s a rational person

he’s not

he’s so not a rational person

Unti555tled.mxd #130

9:58a still trying to brainstorm what to do for a tent platform. ugh. it’s so cold in here that i can’t concentrate on much. i remember what worked from last year – which was our first year camping. my first time camping ever.

10:03a oh god we need a little buddy propane heater. whatever it’s called. the tent heater. last year, it froze halloween weekend and it was a nightmare

11:12a i think this is going to be the year of the pie iron

11:36a the former executive secretary came by to introduce her 2nd replacement (the first one quit as soon as she got married, is this 1950??) and she totes started playing with my hair. then she pats my head, not like in a condescending way, but like, look at this smart brain. that’s what’s in there (2 handed head pat) a smart brain.

lol what just happened. at least i washed my hair this morning. i tried that function of beauty custom shampoo/conditioner out and it feels pretty good.

1:44p i fuckin hate people that say “nine-eleven” instead of “nine-one-one” when they are clearly talking about emergency services and not 9/11. jesus fucking christ.