7:29a i think i have a cold. great. but i got a cauldryn fire (i hate the name) back in january and it’s pretty great, ive pretty much only used it for theraflu and tea.

7:32a i got another emotet email. this time to bot spoofed a woman with USPS that i talk to regularly. the text is hilarious in context, why tf is usps sending me an invoice lololololololllllolll

11:10a weather is looking goodish for thanksgiving weekend. hopefully it doesn’t rain toooooo bad and holds off over the weekend.

4:21p the phenomenon is pretty fucking great


9:10a just chilling with emotet on my work machine. trying to fix it but everything says “this is a pain in the aaaaaaaassssssss”

at least i have 2 computers in here and can still be somewhat productive.

been relistening to nosleep’s back catalog since i picked up the season pass 10 pack during their flash sale. i love peter lewis’ narration sssssooooooooo mmmuuucccchhhh

12:58p home and going to have a peaceful weekend. starting with a load of towels.



i’m looking into where some of our data came from, since it pre-dates me by a lot.

i go to a railway company’s website to look for some source data, just as a starting point

their FAQ says:

“how do i know if a certain parcel of land is [blank]’s property?

*you can check with the local tax assessor or courthouse records”


2:46p doing a little bit of research for this railway thing. came across a deed from 1908. these documents all ran together back in the day, so lots of deeds have the tail end or most of another’s document on it.

the deed before the one i was looking for was a contract for sale for something called the lyric theatre on 2023 market in galveston.

i pull it up on the map, remembering there’s a lot of cool historic buildings in that general area

wait for it

wait for it

the block where 2023 market is in range is a parking lot now

such is life, a hurricane probably destroyed the theater sometime between 1908 and now.

4:43p i heard the quote from the doctor who worked on the synagogue shooter and i almost cried. what a stand up human being.


8:25a my boyfriend painted the wrong side of the firepit. he painted the interior of the firebowl when i explicitly told him the exterior. the can even says it.

so now i have to cut into my packing and meal prep time to fix it. i’m extremely angry but if i look anything but neutral/pleasant it will start a fight. he knows he fucked up, feels bad, and refuses to even try to fix it. i asked him to pick up some paint thinner and he did. i thought he would maybe try to start stripping the paint but he didn’t. he just brought the paint thinner in and set it on the counter and spent the rest of his evening sitting on his ass watching tv.


i love him a lot and he has some great qualities, but jesus fuck he does not handle stress well at all. everyone fucks up and you can’t shut down every time that happens.

2:49p i wish he would talk to me. we’ve been together 6 years and we barely talk.


9:05a i had a depressive episode last night and it hurt. idk what to actually call it. i couldn’t stop crying. i tried so hard to stick to my schedule and work through and i just wasn’t okay. i pissed my boyfriend off and said some very cruel things to him.

i’m afraid i did real damage to our relationship this time. i’m also afraid the steroids i was on fucked up my brain chemistry and i don’t know if i’ll be okay going forward

1:20p llllooollllll i didn’t get the eas test but one of my coworkers did

oh wait there it is


nope that was a fundraiser text for beto o’rourke

1:21p oh there it is. i hope the president doesn’t actually use this.