9:35a i still feel pretty upbeat. good.

there was some halloween candy in the breakroom and i’d normally just walk on by but it was full of the guava and mango chili nerds. those are the absolute best and i really hope they keep making those flavors.

9:56a oh man i think i just heard the genesis of the adventure zone. mbmbam #97.


7:28a are you scared of these stories is one of my absolute favorite comedy shows. my god these guys don’t even know. they have some of the best poop jokes I’ve ever heard.

8:17a sweet jesus, i think microdosing is the best idea I’ve ever had. My Neighbors are Dead is already amazing and it’s funnier now. Everything’s a little bit better.

3:13p this week’s mbmbam is fucking killing me. the fettuccine snack thing is so goddamned funny. let them eat raw pasta


8:57a this is one of the crazier shows i’ve listened to. basically, this cultural anthropologist is trying to figure out if early christianity was heavily influenced by psychedelics. like essentially, shrooms as the first eurachist (spelling?).


i know i’ve written about not being christian before, but i am world accepting and christianity is a part of the world. this is pretty intense. the author shared something his mother said shortly before her death:

“i had dream. god is a river of love that flows through the universe, and all i have to do is let go into the river.”

super intense.

we had a little experience at faire. we’d done our normal walk-in ritual – open a bottle of mead and down it on the walk into the grounds. we were talking to a guy the day before, who’d mentioned the woman managing the booth he was working was looking for one of these fancy blue grolsch looking bottles to wire wrap. we had an empty one in camp, and said we’d return with it the next day.

before we left (i’d wanted to buy a bodice cooler from her anyway, total providence that we struck up a conversation with the dude and there they were) she stops my boyfriend and says

“hey, there’s a man standing behind you. he’s just barely taller than you and he’s got his thumbs up.”

drunk me goes looking for the dude

drunk me realizes she’s seeing a spirit or aura of some sort. quickly sobering me realizes we didn’t ask for anything like this or talk about our feelings or anything. nearly sober me kind of leans in and says, i’ve never heard anyone be close to right. [bf]’s uncle passed about a month ago and… bf proceeds to relate the last time him and his uncle had spoke. they talked about bf’s weekend plans – bf says that we’re going to TRF, talked a little about camping and such. i wasn’t there so idk the details. bf’s uncle had mentioned he’d never been to faire before and he’d like to go one day.

the woman had said something about that being a good omen for a big thing or decision, i am of the opinion bf’s uncle was having a good time following us around.

9:50a i wonder what would happen if we turned an entire nation into a nation of mystics? huh.