i’m looking into where some of our data came from, since it pre-dates me by a lot.

i go to a railway company’s website to look for some source data, just as a starting point

their FAQ says:

“how do i know if a certain parcel of land is [blank]’s property?

*you can check with the local tax assessor or courthouse records”


2:46p doing a little bit of research for this railway thing. came across a deed from 1908. these documents all ran together back in the day, so lots of deeds have the tail end or most of another’s document on it.

the deed before the one i was looking for was a contract for sale for something called the lyric theatre on 2023 market in galveston.

i pull it up on the map, remembering there’s a lot of cool historic buildings in that general area

wait for it

wait for it

the block where 2023 market is in range is a parking lot now

such is life, a hurricane probably destroyed the theater sometime between 1908 and now.

4:43p i heard the quote from the doctor who worked on the synagogue shooter and i almost cried. what a stand up human being.


11:28a i was up half the night because of the derecho that rolled through. it blew a can of wasp killer all over the porch and made one nightmare of a noise. it scared me awake. jfc that sucked.

on top of that my cat scared the shit out of me when i was ear-deep in the nosleep halloween special.

the internet went out at work again. not sure what’s happening. all i know is i am really sleepy and my period is literally killing me.

12:08p i am not great at social stuff. like i don’t like being immediately work bff’d because we’re in the same department and i remind you of your adult daughter

i’m not her

3:53p how do i deal with crippling lonliness when i have friends and loved ones?

i try to open up and i get ignored. i ask questions and get ignored. i’m only a part of the conversation when it’s someone else’s topic. i guess i’m boring. i’m the disposable friend with disposable income.


11:01a i think i finished all my halloween podcasts for the season. moved on to the chilling tales of sabrina.

i remember the original sabrina kinda being hokey. this is again, a full-on story so far. well rounded. fleshed out. nice stuff.

11:51a holy shit this show is GREAT. i mean, the original and the craft was enough to get me into wicca in the 90s. but i can’t imagine i was the only one?


9:29a having arcmap issues. so i’m waiting for a process to finish up and i’m reading cooks illustrated and i genuinely wish i could work for that company. so. bad. omg.

like, i would test dutch ovens all day and write it up if you paid me. holy jeez.

this is probably the best $50 i’ve spent all year. the multi-website membership for cooks illustrated/america’s test kitchen and shudder. both excellent.

sirenicide is also pretty excellent. they’re locals, as i realized like 2/3 of the way through the show.

3:18p sirenicide is pretty great. good find.

also i’m wondering if i can throw together a work-safe halloween shirt before tomorrow. i think i can.


1:29p this weekend went okay. we both got camp-drunk and wandered into faire proper. i remember high fiving people and buying kettle corn. we met up with my friend. i was asked to keep our place at the fire show and her and my boyfriend came back with food and handed me some ribs. they were delicious. i was also way hammered.

like i made it back to camp somehow, changed, walked to the campground bathrooms, walked back, made some pedialyte (spelled fuckin wrong), drank it, and went to sleep. i don’t have a strong memory of doing most of that. my garb pants were muddy as ffffuuuucccckkkkk


11:03a almost forgot to write today. been listening to sirenicide, after i finished video palace.

okay. sirienicide is weird, the quality is a little off but that’s cool.

video palace though.

the quality is solid, the acting is solid, the story is solid.


i could not find a way to stream this via pocketcasts, so i used the shudder app. which SUCKS. there’s no autoplay feature and no way to cache files so if i wanted to listen i had to be on wifi. so no car listening or outside listening. ugh.

but yeah. today.

ceremony for boyfriend’s uncle is today. their family is like… bottled up emotionally. it’s really weird. idk what’s going to happen.


8:24a so the ceremony is tomorrow afternoon. i asked my boyfriend if he still wanted to go to faire, since he’d told me before all hallow’s is his favorite weekend there. he said, yeah sure. then he drops this bomb on me:

me: you want me to go to the ceremony with you?
him: yeah, duh?
me: oh okay cool
him: you know what my mom said to me when i asked if you could come? she said “yeah, i expected her. she’s family”

and i crrrriiiieeeeddddd.

1:48p holy jeez the lady out there does nothing but talk about how people have lived in santa fe for generations and they have some kind of right to the land. no one has a right to the land. there is a part of me that thinks all this flooding is the land trying to get rid of us for abusing it.

3:43p i’m getting over how much of a selfish bitch i am. i stress ate a pound of burnt peanut candy yesterday and i’ve been pooping red food coloring ever since.