I’ve been crocheting baby Yodas all day. Staycations are nice. Time to ask the cards about what the fuck is playing out in front of me, even though it’s pretty obvious.

cards, the problem in front of me is mired in partisanship and obfuscation of crime. i sit in shame of my representatives and praise those who have stuck to their ethics in the face of what is, i believe, to be thinly veiled treason. not just by one man, but his entire party. our nation is figurative seconds from collapsing, so i ask to have the smoke cleared.

the nature of the problem: eight of pentacles. “the beginning of a profitable undertaking, employment or commission to come.” money again.

the nature of the problem: eight of pentacles. “the beginning of a profitable undertaking, employment or commission to come.” money again.

the cause of the problem: page of pentacles. a scholar? “bringer of good news, messages about money”. this will require more thought.

the solution of the problem: wheel of fortune, inversed. “failure of an enterprise, setbacks. new conditions require courage. you will reap what you have sown.” what the fuck, cards. i don’t want a president pence, but jfc. this is almost as bad as the first time i asked about trump and drew the tower.

december 12

today’s my cakeday on reddit. i’ve had an account for 9 years and lurked for 4 years before that. so happy cakeday, let’s make it another good 13 years.

i’ve got the debate over the articles of impeachment on. i need an “i love cspan3” shirt.

now i’m going to ask my tarot cards about it. i don’t outright believe in divination, but i think that tarot cards make a great tool for thinking around an issue. i’ll be citing “the complete guide to the tarot” by gray for my meanings. easy 3 card spreads for this. cards, what the hell is wrong with my country?

the nature of the problem: the emperor, inverted. “[…] His Key is No. 4, and this indicates all that is stable—four-square, broad-based, a foundation for the building of law and order. […] The Emperor is the active Father force contrasted with the active Mother force through whom his characteristics are brought forth. […] The Emperor stands for domination of the material world, for authority, paternity, and the regulation of life by law. Note that flesh is not the enemy of the Spirit but its vehicle; Spirit is not the enemy of the flesh but its driving force. “

the cause of the problem: six of cups. “Happiness, enjoyment, but coming from the past. Meeting with a childhood acquaintance. Pleasant memories. Or this card may mean new friendships. A gift from an admirer. New knowledge and new opportunities.”

the solution of the problem: nine of swords. “Suffering, loss, misery. Burden, oppression. Doubt and desolation. Illness. May mean death of a loved one”

what immediately jumps out at me is the inverted emperor. i don’t play with my deck all that often and this is the second time i’ve asked it about the current president. the first time i got the tower, no fucking joke. that was strange. like i wrote above, i don’t really believe in divination. just problems, their solutions, and the long and weird road to get there.

so that definition of the card from gray suggests a stable leader is indicated by the emperor. inverted, even if we take a positive approach to inverted cards, is not great. it suggests an unstable leader, one that is losing its grip on law and life. as to why that’s the nature of the problem – i would have anticipated seeing an overt nod to trump in the “cause” spot, not the nature of it. i suppose that one could write that the erosion and reformation of executive powers during the obama years, that is directly empowering trump today, created an office that could be symbolized by an inverted emperor.

the cause, the more i think about it, is spot on. there were a great many angry people that coalesced together during the obama years. they seemed to have wanted a return to the day where people of color, lgbt folks, and women of any stripe had no say. those people saw that glimmer and that opportunity in trump. i remember that clearly during the summer of 2015, the tenor of the discussions in the break room and the sheer glee on some of the older folk’s faces told me what they saw in trump as a candidate.

the solution. i hope “doubt and desolation” are the absolute worst of what we get in the coming year, and even then the happy fluff-bunny definitions of “doubt and desolation”. finding the definition for the nine of swords hurt. i refuse to own a gun, i refuse to entertain the idea of killing another person. i hope that the pain this card brings to the fore is metaphorical and not physical.

now i think i’ll start a crochet bag for my cards.

starting over

i’ve tried to start writing in this blog for a long while now. i’ve trashed all the old stuff since it was mostly nonsense.

i’m sitting here watching demon knight. one of my favorite movies. cch pounder became one of my favorite actresses because of this movie, as schlocky as that sounds. out of the tales from the crypt movies that i remember, demon knight and bordello of blood, demon knight is definitely the superior film. dennis miller sucks and vampires are overrated. i love the vampires in the dresden files books and that’s about where i stop.

2020 is going to be a fucking year. the next couple of weeks are going to be intense anyway, with the impeachment ramping up. congress hasn’t voted on articles yet, but they will soon i’m sure. they want to get this in before the christmas holiday. i’m going to try and use this space to keep my thoughts and keep myself sane – along with chronicling my hobbies, pursuit of a second career, and home improvement adventures.

adventures is a good word. it’s got some positive and negative connotations. one thing i want to do is rearrange my autograph collection – rene auberjonois passed yesterday and i want to put the odo bucket drawing i got from him (he was doing them for doctors without borders!) somewhere central. i remember he asked me if he could put a photo of it with me on twitter. still have that photo and i love it.