thinking about the autumnal equinox

this is one of the holidays that i get bent out of shape about.

all ya’ll in the north get the pretty leaves, apple cider, and cool temperatures.

~~~ wrote this the week of september 14th. ~~~

it’s still in the upper 90s, i’m swarmed by mosquitoes the second i step outside and the atlantic is full of hurricanes. it’s LITERALLY full, there were 6 or 7 disturbances last time i checked the NHC. all it takes is a weakening in the high pressure ridge over texas for them to come on through. at least it gets dark a little sooner?

i was looking through this post to find some inspiration for what to do this year. not gonna lie, kind of jealous. partially because this post is from the before times, which we all kinda feel, but because up north the threat of bugs and dangerous heat is over by now. a nice period before the winter sets in. i’ve already forgotten what winter was like, my memories of a big snow are from the early 90s before we moved to texas. never seen anything like it in person since.

what does the autumnal equinox look like in southeast texas?

~~~ now, to current. september 24th. ~~~

IT LOOKS LIKE A FLOOD. the peak of the flooding occurred the day of the equinox. my bayou thankfully didn’t cause a lot of damage in my condo complex. we are up on stilts and the folks that own down on the low side of the complex were able to move their vehicles to higher ground in time. this is from the harris county flood warning system:

this is downstream from us. if i had to guess, we were holding around 6.5 – 7 feet on the 21st and 22nd. we normally sit somewhere between 1.5 – 3 feet.

as for how i celebrated the equinox:

i set up my barebones altar in my bedroom and worked the solitary autumn equinox ritual from the AODA book. i had some acorns i collected last year as decoration. i think the ritual as written in the book i received from the AODA is a bit different than the one that appears in the jmg book? idk. it felt less gendered? that’s a good thing. i suppose as i go i’ll be more comfortable and get more out of the experience.

felt good to do something that wasn’t refreshing harris FWS/Radarscope on my phone, or checking the pantry to make sure we have enough food and water to last a couple days if we get inundated, or walking out to my truck to make sure a drunk didn’t fly off the road and hit it, or worrying the office was going to flood and having no way to see the creek levels on my commute because it’s in a different county.