Unti555tled.mxd #86

9:11a nosleep, season 5 episode 11: “phdsd – a case study”. this is a fantastic story and equally as fantastic narration from peter lewis.

it’s been a busy week so far. stressing about the condo. haven’t heard back from my agent since we talked. i hope everything is okay.

9:51a we had a fire drill. those are always fun. the noise scares the shit out of me and literally all i can hear is the alarm and all i see is the fucking strobe light. but that’s the point, right?

i think for a moment it wasn’t a drill. a nearby transformer blew up yesterday and ignited a mineral oil tank. i think the transformer is in or near the chemical plant campus. i got a message from this town’s emergency management office this morning that the fire reignited.

10:03a waiting on arcgis 10.6 to install. maybe this will help my fucking lag problems.

11:02a lag problems are still a thing. ugh.

11:16a rolling back/forward to 10.5.1. 10.6 needs a patch like yesterday.

2:21p 10.5.1 works so much better than 10.4.1 and 10.6. guess i’ll stay here for a while. my loan officer typoed my fucking loan documents. i hope she fixes that soon.

2:28p this condo must have been a rental. the seller’s billing address is different on the county’s cad versus what appears on the county’s tax office website. that’s why it has some issues.

4:53p i think it will be okay.

Unti555tled.mxd #84

8:02a my boyfriend brought home a plague from his job. i thought i had just maced myself cleaning with dust and cleaning supplies. i don’t have a fever but jfc the sneezing never ends. the body aches are real. my nose alternates between gummed up and running. at least my throat doesn’t hurt anymore.

i’m only here because i’m not going to break my goddamned streak and i don’t interact with anyone. my social interaction is via phone and email. and podcasts.

this week’s hello from the magic tavern almost killed me, just like this cold. just in a way more enjoyable fashion.

8:36a day something or other with cloth pads. today’s going to be a better test, heavy day.

9:43a “a seaside british pub” is interesting so far. i don’t think i’ve listened to the season this came from yet, but it is definitely an interesting story.

12:07p that nosleep story was pretty darn good.

2:00P i feel so off my game. just in general. i’m in my mental pillow fort, asleep.

like i sat here way too long thinking one of my coworkers had made a mistake.

legal reads:

“the east 218.2 ft of the west 456.2 ft of [xyz] lot in [abc] survey”

the lot is 683.4 and was originally split into 2 smaller parcels, the westernmost being 218.2 ft and the remainder being the eastern 456.2 ft parcel.

i was staring at it thinking, why didn’t they cut the eastern portion of the 456.2 ft that the owner was selling? wtf? the sheet my coworker cut shows they’re cutting the western portion of the 456.2 parcel.

the legal states we’re starting from the western edge of lot [xyz], not the goddamn western border of what the seller owns. so what my coworker put on the sheet was correct. it took me tooooooooo long to figure that out. duhhh.

2:39p jesus why god is this happening

ok there’s 2 lots in this subdivision im doing some minor edits on, 1A and 2A.

i THOUGHT the account numbers would have a “1” and a “2” in the lot portion that corresponded to the annotation.

they’re fucking inversed

1A has a “2” in the lot portion and 2A has a “1” in the lot portion

i want to cry because i can’t fix it without throwing the entire universe into chaos

3:43p i have a huge fucking problem with the entire concept of this “together against the weather”
website i came across. because: we can’t be against the weather. we can only prepare for it. the phrase indicates that there is something to be against. like can we all just grab our guns, march down to the seawall, and fire at the incoming hurricane?

we can be against humman-accellerated climate change that is influencing the strength of hurricanes.

4:43P not too not familiaaaaaaar

Unti555tled.mxd #82

8:16p i hate the term adulting at the end of the day, but it’s descriptive. my agent is putting our offer in for the condo we’ve been looking at. i was so anxious and nervous last night, like i was going on a second date with someone i was really interested in. just i was going on a date with a person i was really into.

just the person is a place to live and if everything goes right we’ll be going steady soon omg

10:22a i keep forgetting not to eat while listening to nosleep. peter lewis is amazing at narrating body horror. and by amazing, i mean i’m re-evaluating all my life choices up to this point. “pop go the people”, season 5 episode 3. i mean, at least i’m not eating some sort of gusher candy or something. just pistachios. but that’s still… there’s still a noise to eating pistachios, and it’s syncing up with points in the story that don’t need additional sound effects to be effective.

but i love this, it’s reminding me there’s a whole range of feeling outside of the constant anxiety.

10:31a i can do this
i can do this
i can do this
i can do this
i can do this
i can do this
i can do this
i can do this

12:06p i made my leasing agent cry. we’ve had a good friendship over the span of time we’ve lived at this complex.

also, day 2 of cloth pads has been uneventful. i washed yesterday’s in the shower. is that gross? it reads gross, but chronologically it made a lot of sense. when the fuck do i have time to handwash anything? i just hang it up when i’m done washing it.

1:48p lol every time i switch to my main mxd arcmap crashes

3:12p still haven’t heard back from my agent yet. but there’s still time in the day.

Unti555tled.mxd #80

8:43a my boss likes to rage on that the cities ask him to do all this shit that our data “wasn’t designed to do”

k well our data can do damn near anything as long as there’s a common key

he just doesn’t understand what that means, and he seems to get really frustrated when he doesn’t understand a question someone’s asking him. okay, i can deal with this. i can deal with this. i can deal with this.

the question in question was one from a city in our county trying to join the certified roll to the parcels polygon. i guess they need to sort by some info that wasn’t already in the parcels, or use it for some kind of analysis. the question asker has the skills to do this, she (i almost cried out of happiness when i saw the asker was a she) was just wondering what the unique id was between datasets. there are technically 2, but there is a definite better of the two. i conveyed this to my boss in way more detail, who said if she had any additional questions he couldn’t answer it’d get forwarded on to me. i’m fine with that. maybe i am boss material.

8:56a some days i really do need a couple of brothers giggling about dick and fart jokes in my ear



i should knit this into a thing to hang up


10:15a “king falls am will return” omg i’m happy they are taking a break. i just hope they come back. the end of phase 1? i’m down. i’m down for phase 2. i’m down for phase 12. this show is fucking great. it bounces between kooky morning radio, suprisingly deep love stories, and pure science fiction.

11:04a keeping a budget has never been my strong suit. i think just keeping everything written down is hard for me to do. when i get home i don’t want to be on the computer unless i’ve got a knitting pattern and netflix up, or playing games.

11:23a i was a big fan of comedy central roasts. i say was because i haven’t seen a new one in a long time and i’m not sure if they’re still made. i’m listening to michelle wolf’s bit at the white house correspondents dinner. i think i’ve watched a bit or two from the whcd before, did key & peele guest on one before? i think they did. i have a vague memory of an anger interpreter bit in front of that mustard yellow drop cloth. we did not deserve president obama at all. he had his problems too, but jfc this administration is shitting the bed.

i mean, michelle wolf’s jokes are decent. people are laughing. rence gave a thumbs up? maybe not. lmao.

i literally thought the white house correspondents dinner was a roast for that crowd. why the fuck are people getting bent out of shape? this honestly isn’t a terrible set. i might pay to see michelle wolf live. i haven’t seen her stand up specials, but if this is an indicator of her style i’m down.

11:33a “shooting fish in a chris christie” lmao

and shitting on democrats? yes please. they need to get shit on some more so they get their act together.

11:36a the handmaid’s tale joke was spot on. i’m glad she called out mike pence on catching up on that show. i know he won’t watch it, but gilead would be his ideal reality. i’ve read that book every couple of years since i found it in middle school, and i learn something about myself and have little realizations every time i read it. i couldn’t finish it last year. i got to the line about what caused the government to collapse and i had to stop. that reality is too close for comfort. i’d end up being an unwoman.

“[she] burns facts and uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye, ‘maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s lies'” i mean, that’s a joke. that’s a decent joke. what’s the big fucking deal?

11:43a do you think anyone clicked to that she closed her set with “flint still doesn’t have clean water”? you chucklefucks

12:09p lol lovitt had to explain what a smokey eye was to jake tapper

12:18p superman’s not really my bag comic book or movie-wise, but i had a thought just now listening to this interview with jake tapper. jake tapper mentioned a book he’d read that was dated 1952, idk where this lines up with the creation of superman but he relayed this anecdote about mccarthyism from this book. something about journalists initially parroting mccarthy’s “commies are everywhere and in everything” charges, and the media finds out later that’s a big pack of lies, and then mccarthy turns around and calls all them commies and essentially seals their fate. at least in that day.

is that why superman’s a journalist? motherfucker’s gotta be a bulletproof alien to survive that industry.

the book is called mccarthy: the man, the senator, the “ism” by jack anderson. i’ll have to check this out. thanks google.

2:12p no-spend tuesday might be a success. let’s see if i can make no-spend wednesday and no-spend thursday a success as well. i have a big goal in front of me that might actually be achievable.

3:04 this hollywood handbook show is fucking insane and i can dig it

3:48P holy shit, cowboys vs. aliens reference. i could get lost in this show so easily

3:50p “sorry steve, did i say to stop that fuckin music?” we don’t have that kind of cattiness down here and every time i hear it, i love it

3:53p “girl from ipanema” is definitely fake therapist office music

4:07p jesus, 6 years of welcome to nightvale? i’ve been listening for four. i got chills.


Unti555tled.mxd #79

8:08a i made a late night decision on friday to hunt around on zillow for a place to live. i was not expecting anyone to get back to me at all. saturday morning i got a call back to look at a condo. went by there with a really amazing agent and i love the condos we looked at. i really want to live in that complex. it was super quiet and next to the creek.

11:44a busy day. i had to give the “this is what a legal description is” talk to a taxpayer. at least it was over email. i hate it when an individual wants to come in and have a lesson i’m not qualified to teach.

3:04p ep 61 of mbmbam. they’re talking about the matrix. my only take away is that i’m still bitter that the matrix was greenlit instead of neuromancer.

3:17p jfc im going in on a deeeeeeeep dive into the county records. april 1890. the handwriting is so legible.

3:30p travis’ song is pretty decent

3:31p i had to dive deeper. there was one from 1860 that was totally 100% illegible, the scan was bad. another one from 1870 had no metes and bounds that described the street that’s on my damned map. there’s no centerline assigned to it with a situs range, so i can only assume it was proposed at one point and never paved. the subdivision was never developed, so far as i can tell. it’s out in BFE, or at least as close to BFE that one can get in my county now. we’re getting close to capacity. that’s a bad thing. the next flood? we’re all boned. all of us. i’m so scared that the high grounds that i know won’t be high ground anymore.

what’s that phrase about praying the creek don’t rise? i think it’s just that. that’s in my prayers every damn night.

side note: i wish this dude that originally bought all this land would spell his name consistenly. but idk this was well over a century ago and there’s nothing i can do about it now.

4:44p i found the dedication for the street. had a mind-numbingly embarassing phone call with the power provider out there. dreading emailing 911 about it. idk what will happen. it’s not paved, idk if the city even knows it exists. don’t know who to contact there. they will probably refer me back to my own goddman office.

just so there’s no worry: it is completely undeveloped. 100% no one lives there, there’s no danger. this is going to end up being one of those thoughts i return to when im trying to sleep and feel that unending shame and baseless anxiety.

4:47p mbmbam 62 – turning misery into a fetish is painful. like it made my bones hurt to think about. just like every time i’ve seen the film, my bones hurt at the thought of being hobbled.

4:50p sweet jesus i want to go to sleep

Unti555tled.mxd #78

8:02a i always appreciate the thought when my coworker calls me to tell me there are donut holes and stuff but i can’t eat it. please god i hope theyre not expecting me to eat it. i am flared and unhappy right now and very little is going to fix it.

also i fucking hate coming across a fucking great garment that’s tagged as knit, then once i start looking closer at it? once i make that fatal fucking mistake the garment is crochet. i can make like a few knots on a chain before my hands go rouge and i wind up with yarn barf. i’m just in a shit mood because i had to tink back 2 rows in my temperature shawl and i’m so itchy.

no amount of donut holes are going to fix this, karen

i also saw a cute design on instagram for a top. it’s a lace sampler and ssssstrikingly familiar to a free pattern top i already have saved on ravelry. looking closer? it’s just that same pattern, but with the rectangles stitched side-by-side to create the top, instead of stitching them across the shoulders. idk how much the designer wants for it, but no. i’ll do this myself thanks.

8:18a ive been ignoring most of my podcasts this week for mbmbam back catalog. apparently i need goofs more than anything. my boyfriend was on days yesterday and i actually got to see him last night, which was nice. we went to eat dinner at the restaurant that’s right in front of our apartment complex. they serve bahn mi, salads, noodles, rice. i got a tofu salad and he got pork fried rice. their tofu is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

9:07a i just want to knit. i have all these ideas in my head, all this stuff i want to make and i’m *here*. at a desk. typing away. working a job i’m just okay with. i really wish universal income was a thing and affordable housing was a thing.

9:34a sometimes i get super paranoid that the person on the phone didn’t actually conclude the call and i just hung up because i thought the call was over. i am like 99.999999% sure the guy from a city i just got off the phone with concluded the call. jfc i hope i didn’t just make an ass out of myself. this guy is a Somebody. aaaaghhh

9:53a sometimes i totally regret calling esri tech support. having an issue with the pdf printer not working in my AGOL web application. they’re just going to have me remake the application and basically start over from scratch every single time. like dude something’s broken please send it up the chaaaaaaaaaaaaain

10:42a my fucking eyelid is twitching. you’re killing me ESRI.

11:40a griffin’s thread about his last day at polygon was pretty amazing. i need to go find whatever he’s written on impostor syndrome. i’m aware of that i have it too, i just have no idea how to overcome it.

1:34p it’s so frustrating when i can’t finish a cast-off in one go. my lunch break was almost up and i was like 25 stitches into my cast off for this mesh cocoon i’m working. no pattern, since it’s literally a rectangle in black caron simply soft.

2:42p holy shit this week’s friendly fire is unrelenting in its dislike of the 2012 remake of red dawn.

2:57p i need to just fucking dump esri but i need to get my higherups behind the idea. fuck this. support has me remaking my entire display and IT DOESN’T SOLVE THE GODDAMNED PROBLEM. support guy made it work. HIS SOLUTION DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM ON MY END







i have no idea why/how this shit works, but if i overwrite my service with the fucking *shapefile* version of my parcel data instead of the *feature class* version of my parcel data the goddamn print function works.


3:59p this incel rebellion thing has me scared, not going to lie. i’ve been vaguely aware of incels for a long time, like i’d seen the rise of the MRA folks and incels were excreted from that. they’ve always been around in american culture, one descriptor or another. but now they’re radicalizing and killing people.

it’s like modern feminism is baking soda and antiquated, toxic masculinity is vinegar. i think it used to be we were only really aware of this explosion when it happened close by to us. duh, pre-social media we’d rarely hear about this shit. now with the social media, our collective 5th grade science fair project is exposed to everyone for the shitshow it is.

is this a natural reaction to feminism in a nation that – whether we want to admit it or not – is still very deeply conservative? that still deeply clings to what was once considered the “natural order” per the christian bible? all the reading i’ve done points to pre-christian gender roles being way more even so far as power balance is concerned.

i don’t even think i can blame christianity by itself, i’m not well versed enough in that field to be able to say definitively. i can say that i have seen many self described christians scream at the top of their lungs about gender roles. i can say that i’ve seen the bible twisted around to fill that particular cognitive bias.

i know it’s a problem all of us have to collectively handle. this is coming from a place of pure selfishness that i’m sure damn near everyone else feels. i don’t want to be murdered.

4:39P just read an article that petrifies me about my living situation. rents going up 10% across the country per year? i won’t be able to afford anything soon. much less save for a down payment on a house. how the fuck is this supposed to work? work for someone like me, lower-middle class? i get a 3% raise per year.

notes from the office #77

9:16a ep47 – “i’m gonna fuck you like trent spiner.”

i almost died lol

10:24a i thought i was getting a phone call just now. there was a really generic sounding beep. apparently, in episode 48 like right towards the end of the episode travis farts and griffin beeped it out. that beep threw me off waaaaaaay more than any imaginary toot.

10:30p the final yahoo in that fucking episode was kinda topical. something about a dude asking “what do you do now” if the asker had xray vision and could see through your close. it was aimed at women.

the incel community popped out another terrorist and he killed 10(?) people in toronto. jfc.

10:57a i just stuttered out to the point where i couldn’t say “delimited”. god dammit i hate this so much. and i was on the phone with someone from homeland security.

1:39p i need to learn more about how to work in microsoft sql sever. we provide data to the public. we used to offer it in csv format, now it’s still in flat text but the files are so massive the only way to maniuplate it is in sql server. i had a call come in from my county engineer’s office and i couldn’t figure out how the fuck to get the data to them in a way they can use. not everyone has a database administrator handy that can figure this shit out for them, generally they have someone like me – an involuntary admin that fell into all this shit. may not necessarily be qualified, but i wasn’t hired for it and inhereted it. no one else was available to take that position.

side note: it makes my day when i get a thank you email back. some days that’s the only bright point i get.

4:08p guy from the city did not care how much work i put into the set of maps i fucking made for him. oh well. guess i’ll never get that 2 hours back.